Del Toro still pushing to make Insane

Hellboy director not discouraged by THQ cancelling his Lovecraftian project

Guillermo Del Toro has not been discouraged by THQ cancelling his horror project Insane.

The Hellboy director has stated that he is still pursuing avenues to try and get his Lovecraft-inspired horror game series made.

Del Toro said, "Now we are talking to developers. When something doesn't happen in one way, then I just continue pursuing it in another way... If I own the property and I control it."

"Which is what happened with Restraint, " he continued. "We pitched it at Fox and they didn't want it, we did the books and now we're on Fox. It's a full process. I'm not giving up on Insane, it's truely beautiful, world creation, so we'll pursue it."

He does have his favourites fro the job adding, "I'm a big fan of Valve. Portal and Left 4 Dead have been instrumental family experiences at my house."

Thanks Kotaku.

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