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Nintai Corp. becomes the first virtual company in Second Life to seek outside crowd funding

Nintai hopes to expand its role in teaching how to play the stock markets

Nintai Corporation has announced that is has become the first virtual company that operates within Second Life to seek crowd funding from outside the game.

Nintai Brokerage Corporation operates on the Capital Exchange, Second Life's own virtual stock exchange and teaches users how to play the stock market and earn Lindens (Second Life's own currency in the process).

The company is seeking crowd-funding from outside in order to continue its work in educating players about stock trading, its various mechanisms and the effect this all has on the economy.

Nintai CEO Cecil Neosaki explains, "I think it's incredibly important that we continue to operate on the Second Life grid so that we can teach people how the stock market works. I believe that an education in finance is necessary, and oftentimes players take what they learn on the Capital Exchange onto the real stock market. "

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