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Chris Roberts reckons PC gamers deserve better

Wing Commander creator saddened by devs neglecting the PC gaming community

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has highlighted that there are plenty of gaming communities that are neglected, his chief concern being with PC gaming.

Despite the impressive power advantage gaming PCs have over consoles, attention has drifted from the PC gaming community towards the potentially more lucrative console sector. This means that any games that do make it on to PC are usually console ports which anchors PC gaming in technology that is up to 7 years old.

He began, "I definitely think that there are large communities that aren't getting attention and one of the biggest communities is PC gaming. On the PC side, there is hardly anyone that's doing specific games for the for the platform or pushing the hardware, so, yes, you get a fair number of PC games, but theyre all ports of consoles games."

"That means you're getting a game that's built for seven-year-old technology," Roberts continued. "The PS3 and Xbox 360 are locked in 2005, and the modern day gaming PC is ten times more powerful than what you can do on console, there is a lot more memory and a lot more power."

Roberts hopes to change all this with his new project, Star Citizen but he reckons that it will be about another two years before the game is ready for people to play it.

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