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Riot Games says League Of Legends is the most played game in the world

Infographic throws up some surprising stats

Riot Games has released their own statistics that show that their online hit League Of Legends is the most played video game in the world.

The stats compare's League Of Legends to some of the industry's biggest sellers from Grand Theft Auto to Call Of Duty to World Of Warcraft and they are pretty impressive.

With 70 million Summoner names registered, 32 million registered users and 12 million daily users the biggest comparison has come with World of Warcraft with it's peak registered users sitting at just over 12 million.

League Of Legends also claims huge numbers of player hours every month with the peak number of players hitting the dizzying highs of 3 million more than twice that of Modern Warfare 3's 1.4 million Xbox Live concurrent players and it also claims over a billion hours of players' lives monthly.

The full infographic which is shows the staggering success of League Of Legends is available over on MCV.

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