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Dust 514 has legs beyond the PS3 says CCP

CCP has 20 years worth of ideas for their PS3-based shooter

CCP has revealed that they have enough ideas to keep their new PS3-exclusive free-to-play FPS, Dust 514 going well beyond the life of Sony's current home console.

As it stands CCP has a five year roadmap laid out for Dust 514 but outside of that they have about 20 years worth of ideas that they can call on or so EVE Online executive producer John Lander says.

Lander explained, "Our plan is that we want in another ten years to be having 'EVE is 20' and 'Dust is 10' [events]. The whole way that we're doing our development process is so that we can push out expansions on a regular basis. We're not going to ship a unit and then in six months it's off the shelves and people have stopped playing it."

"We've got a five-year road map with a whole load of things we'd love to put into Dust," he gushed. "We've got crazy ideas that will take us through another 20 years of development. We're working really, really hard with Sony right now on PlayStation 3 and just shipping the game on PlayStation 3, that's where 100 per cent of our focus is. But our intention is this game will continue to run and operate for many, many years."

Dust 514 is currently in beta testing phase and you can register to join the beta on the official Dust 514 website.


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