Veteran developer Stuart Black turns his back on big publishers for iOS development

Black disillusioned with the big business end of the games industry

Stuart Black has spoken out about his frustration with the big publishers as he embarks on opening up his own indie studio focusing on developing games for iOS.

Black who made his reputation with the epic FPS title Black went through a widely publicised split with Codemasters during the development of their critically panned shooter Bodycount was more recently made redundant from City Interactive again in the middle of a project, a WWII shooter called Enemy Front. These experiences soured him to working with mainstream publishers and, with his new studio, he wants to skip the politics and just make good games again.

Black fired off, "All I care about is making games. I really just want to make a really f***ing cool game. I really don't care about any of the other stuff, the politicking or whatever is involved when you get in any large group of people."

He continued, on his departure from City Interactive, "And I kind of felt, regardless of how they framed it as 'we're making you redundant because of strategic and financial reasons' it's inevitable, I would do the same, that people are going to think 'he f***ed that up.' The only reason you get rid of your creative director halfway through is because they f***ed up in some significant way."

"So I kind of felt I looked really bad," he continued, "my credibility is really going to take a hit from this when people start hearing about this and I just felt like I've got everything to prove. And it just comes down to making a game, so let's just make a f***ing game."

And so Black has outlined two projects for his immediate future beginning with an iOS game and possibly a bigger Unreal-based PC project too. He added, "I'm talking to a few people, I've got a couple of threads on the go at the moment. I'm looking at doing something on the iPhone, the iPad, with some chaps at Leading Light, a concept company based here in Guildford. And there's something I want to do on the PC, through Steam possibly. I've been messing around with the Unreal engine so I'm looking at doing something there as well with that. That's something that's a little bit longer term, something we can maybe build a bit of a franchise base around and do. I'm very interested in episodic content, and looking at different ways of how we make content."


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