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Sony announces 5 million PS3s sold in the UK

PS3 now on its third generation of hardware

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 has managed to sell 5 million units in the United Kingdom.

They have announced the news just as a third, super slim generation of the PS3 hardware goes on sale with the 500GB version of the new PS3 soon to be followed by a new 12GB budget model.

Fergal Gara, VP and MD for the UK and Ireland said, "This is another historic moment for the PlayStation brand, and something I'm incredibly proud of. I'd like to thank all our consumers, retailers and 3rd party partners for helping us achieve this figure, and look forward to continued success."

The new super slim PS3 is a far cry from the hulking 60GB version that Sony launched in 200 7 coming in two flavours with either a massive 500GB HDD or 12GB of flash memory in an attempt to make the PS3 even more accessible.

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