Classic and Challenge modes detailed in latest Football Manager 2013 developer diaries

Five vids focus on the biggest new additions to the series

Sports Interactive's latest series of videos will detail the two biggest new additions they have brought with Football Manager 2013 Classic Mode and Challenge Mode.

The first video introduces the new stripped-down Classic Mode with the second detailing the responsibilities of a manager in Classic Mode. The third details the options available on match day and during matches.

In the fourth Sports Interactive begins to explain the new Challenge mode which allows players to take on specific time-specific challenges like starting at Christmas and saving a Premiership team from relegation. The fifth and final video details the optional unlockables that can be used for aid in game.

Football Manager 2013 will be released for PC and Mac on November the 2nd with access to the beta which begins two weeks early being given away with pre-orders of the game.

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