Star Wars: The Old Republic lead designer leaves BioWare

Erickson hits out at the social/mobile/free-to-play goldrush

BioWare has lost another fairly senior member of staff in the form of their lead designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Daniel Erickson lead designer on their first ever MMO announced the end to his seven years at BioWare on his newly created Twitter account.

He gave no reason for his departure but his comments may indicate a bit of disillusionment at the current state of play of the industry and the drive towards social, mobile and free-to-play gaming.

Erickson explained, "As part of leaving BioWare I'm officially starting a Twitter account for job hunt and design thoughts. When 90 percent of the industry is saying the exact same thing (social, mobile, FTP!) a huge number of people are going to lose that race."

Thanks MCV.

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