Collectors return in the latest Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC

Massive free update coming next week

BioWare and EA have revealed the return of the Collectors, villains of Mass Effect 2 in the latest pack of multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Retaliation is the biggest multiplayer DLC yet for Mass Effect 3 featuring the new Hazard variant for six existing Firebase maps, the new Collectors faction, new Dragoon class for the Cerberus factions and Geth Drones too, three new unlockable weapons, two new unlockable class kits, three new ammo mods, five new gear upgrades and the new Multiplayer Challenge feature.

The Hazard variant maps will introduce new traps and environmental conditions including acid, lightning, meltdowns, sandstorms, swarms and whiteouts to existing maps. The Collectors faction will feature Praetorian, Abomination, Scion, Trooper and Captain classes as well as the Collector Assault Rifle, SMG and Sniper Rifle. The new class kits include the Turian Havoc Soldier and Turian Ghost Infiltrator.

The Retaliation DLC will arrive in North America on Origin for PC, PSN and Xbox Live on October 9th with the European release coming the next day on October the 10th.

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