Nights Into Dreams arrives on downloads

And Sonic Adventure 2 too

One of SEGA's most highly-requested high definition remasters has arrived on digital downloads today.

The HD remaster of Saturn classic Nights Into Dreams and the Dreamcast and GameCube hit Sonic Adventure 2 will launch in on PSN from today with the Xbox Live release following on October the 5th. Both games will be priced 6.49 GBP and 800 MS Points respectively.

SEGA's VP of digital business, Chris Olson said, "Both of these titles represent something special in SEGA's history, and that made them natural choices for the SEGA Heritage Collection. Nights offered 3D gameplay that had never been seen before on a home console, and Sonic Adventure 2 introduced rival character Shadow the Hedgehog to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. I hope players enjoy the opportunity to play these classic SEGA titles in their finest form to date."

Sonic Adventure 2's Battle Mode will also be available on PSN and Xbox Live as additional DLC from October the 5th for 1.99 GBP and 240 MS Points respectively. Anyone buying Nights Into Dreams will also receive free access to the Christmas Nights bonus content which was only available previously in special promotions and Saturn Christmas bundles.

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