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Funcom to bring more PvE and PvP focus to The Secret World

Funcom working hard to make The Secret World a success after a flat launch

It has been a turbulent few months for Funcom's latest MMO but they are still working hard to keep improving the game's experience.

The Secret World launched to an exceedingly mixed set of review scores and, as a result, only managed to sell around 200,000 copies. However, Funcom are not deterred by this poor launch and have brought Joel Bylos from the Age Of Conan team to take a lead on the creative side of The Secret World.

Bylos is hoping to bring the PvE and PvP elements of The Secret World more to the fore as it seems they weren't as well represented as they expected them to be at launch.

He explained, "One of the areas where we have received a large amount of feedback is the faction conflict in the game. Players currently feel that both in PvE and PvP, the factional conflict does not quite come to the forefront as we originally planned. The development team has assessed this and are currently planning both changes to the current faction conflict in the game and also developing new features that really allow players to dig into the intrigue between the factions."

Funcom has noted that given how fast the MMO market is changing, The Secret World will probably the last large-scale MMO that they will produce for the foreseeable future.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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