Not all the DLC will be included in the Mass Effect Trilogy pack

Included DLC will differ from platform to platform

BioWare has revealed some of the details about what downloadable content will be made available with the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle.

Not all the currently available DLC will be included in either the PC or the Xbox 360 versions with the Xbox pack only getting access to the Cerberus content for ME2 and ME3.

The PC version will include both the Bring Down The Sky and Pinnacle Station add-ons for Mass Effect and the Cerberus content. BioWare is yet to confirm what is to come with the PS3 version but it may get more given that Mass Effect was never released on the platform and Mass Effect 2 came with all but the final DLC add-on The Arrival.

The Mass Effect Trilogy is set for release on November the 6th in the US making a European release on November the 9th a distinct possibility.

Thanks MCV.

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