Football Manager 2013 to kick off this November

Pre-orderers will get access to the beta up to 14 days early

SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced the release date for this year's installment of the criminally addictive Football Manager series.

Sports Interactive has brought over 900 improvements and additions to Football Manager 2013 adding a considerable amount of depth to what is already one of the most detailed simulations around.

The most interesting of all is the new Football Manager Classic Mode which cuts down the wide range of elements players control in order to make Football Manager 2013 much more accessible to those that are new to the game or simply don't have the time to micro-manage everything about their team.

Football Manager 2013 arrives on PC and Mac on November the 2nd with those who pre-order getting early access to the game by way of a beta which launches around 14 days before the full game does and will run until November the 5th so that saves can be transferred to the full game.

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