Rumour: Spark Unlimited to helm a new Onimusha

Spark working extensively with Japanese studios

It appears that Capcom may be placing an amazing amount of faith in Spark Unlimited to revive some of their franchises.

As well as working on Lost Planet 3 it appears that Spark Unlimited may be charged with reviving the PS2 hit series Onimusha.

The rumours have originated from UK mag PSM3 and are yet to be confirmed by Capcom but should they be true this will be the third game that the studio will be co-developing with Japanese studios alongside Lost Planet 3 and the Kenji Inafune-helmed Yaibi: Ninja Gaiden Z.

Onimusha fans may feel right to be worried as Spark Unlimited's last two releases Legendary and Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty bombed terribly.

Thanks MCV.

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