Introversion launches an alpha of their new game Prison Architect

Darwinia studio making the alpha available to those who pre-purchase the game

Introversion Software has announced the launch of an alpha test phase for their brand new title Prison Architect.

The latest game from the Uplink and Darwinia developers, Prison Architect draws its influences heavily from managements sims like Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital giving players the chance to create and operate their very own correctional facility.

Taking a lead from Kickstarter, Introversion are offering instant access to the alpha build of the game if you pre-purchase it and for additional payments they are also offering bundles that include all four of their previous titles, Uplink, DEFCOM, Darwinia and Multiwinia, the chance to have your name and even your mugshot immortalised in the game and even your very own in-game scenario.

Prison Architect is in development for PC and Mac and instant access to the alpha build and guaranteed final version of the game when it releases are available from the Introversion website with packages starting at 30 USD.

E3 Trailer