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Silent Hill: Book Of Memories demo arrives on PSN today

Demo's arrival heralds the possibility that Book Of Memories will be out soon

The release date for Silent Hill's first proper appearance on the PS Vita has been on a continuous slide this year but today brings a more positive step in the form of the arrival of a demo.

So far all Vita users have been treated to is the ability to download the original Silent Hill as a PS One title but now series fans will be able to get a taste of Silent Hill: Book Of Memories through the new demo available on PSN.

The demo is entirely single player and features the first two zones from the game as well as the ominously-named Fire Boss with players getting the chance to experience the action from the perspective of two different playable characters.

The Silent Hill series has been making a slow recovery from the utter broken low of Silent Hill: Homecoming with Shattered Memories on the Wii and PSP and this year's enjoyable Silent Hill: Downpour all receiving warm receptions.

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