Adding Kinect and Move features to FIFA 13 was not a distraction says EA

David Rutter promises no gimmicks

EA's David Rutter, the producer on FIFA 13 has been aiming to reassure hardcore FIFA fanatics that the addition of motion control features has not affected the core experience in FIFA 13.

Rutter affirmed that they have made sure that they have found the best ways to integrate Kinect and Move into the FIFA experience without detracting from the experience or feeling too gimmicky.

"Rather than come up with a bunch of mini games to tick the 'better with Kinect' box where you kick your legs or dive around, which wouldn't improve the overall experience what we did was look at what's frustrating for users and what could we do differently, and then match that to the strengths of those control systems were," Rutter explained. "For Kinect, it's the voice control. If you look at some of frustrations in our game around tactical changes and the pause menu, being able to utilise voice controls that enable our fans to quickly and seamlessly make useful changes without having to pause the game is very much a benefit."

He continued, "For Move, it's slightly different. What we wanted to do was to take an extremely accessible controller and come up with a control scheme that allowed us to use that really well. We were lucky enough a few years ago to implement a pretty successful mouse control system on our PC game and I thought that would be a really appropriate place to start with the Move. What we've actually created is two very different control schemes that utilise the strengths of those two control systems."

Thanks MCV.

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