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The Last Guardian update: It definitely still exists

Team ICO's latest masterpiece is still in development

The troubled next title from Shadow Of The Colossus developer, Team ICO is still in development despite not appearing at this year's Tokyo Games Show.

The Last Guardian has been plagued by delays and staff departures in the last year or so with the game's creator and Team ICO luminary Fumito Ueda leaving his role at the studio and completing his work on the game on a freelance contract.

Sony had even gone so far to admit that they had revealed the game too early after it failed to appear at E3 due to technical issues. It has also been confirmed that Santa Monica Studios are helping Team ICO to iron out all the technical issues that they are having with the game.

An anonymous Sony developer said at this year's TGS, "I give you my word that it exists. We are working on it. There are lots of pieces of the puzzle. It's a matter of getting them to fit together."

Thanks Kotaku.

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