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Sony unveils the new super-slim PS3

Sony finally gives a PS3 answer to the 4GB Xbox 360

Sony has used their pre-Tokyo Games Show press conference to unveil and even smaller and slimmer PlayStation 3.

The new super-slim PS3 is coming in two flavours - one resplendent with a 500GB hard disc drive and a brand new budget model with 12GB of flash memory. In order to offer more storage options Sony will also be releasing a new 250GB HDD add-on for the 12GB model as well.

Each model is 20 percent and 25 percent smaller, respectively, than the original 60GB launch model which has been made possible by a radical redesign of the PS3's internal layout.

The 500GB super-slim will launch in the UK on September the 28th and the new 12GB model will be released on October the 12th.

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