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New Killzone: Mercenary patch goes live today

Patch addresses connectivity issues and a few other problems

Sony will release a new patch for Killzone: Mercenary today to address some of the games more frustrating elements.

The main focus of the new patch is to address the connectivity issues that some gamers have been experiencing on the multiplayer. The patch also redistributes the respawn points across the multiplayer maps to provide a fairer balance to the multiplayer matches.

In addition the new update addresses a few issues related to mutliplayer weapon loadouts not unlocking properly and throws in a few stability fixes into the bargain. New Killzone: Mercenary patch goes live today

The patch is available from PSN from today so make sure that you have 1190MB free on your PS Vita memory card in order to install it.

If you've not played Killzone: Mercenary you should check out our review for the full lowdown on the PS Vita's first decent FPS.

More detailed information on the patch is available over on the PlayStation Blog.

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