Lionhead has something brand new in the pipeline

Fable dev keen to show there's life after Molyneux

Lionhead is beginning to shake off the remaining influence of former boss and co-founder Peter Molyneux and is now working on something completely new.

With Fable: The Journey the final title that Molyneux as involved in due for release at the beginning of October Lionhead is keen to show that there is life after their mercurial founder's departure.

The new boss at Lionhead, Gary Carr revealed, "We always have a few teams kicking around, and a few small teams who branch off and do other things. You can't just pour everybody onto one idea that's just not going to [help you] evolve as a studio. So there are a number of things I can't talk about, as you would imagine. But we're a team rolling off a finished title now, and we're rolling onto something new and exciting which I can't tell you about."

What this means for their long running Fable series is unclear but it is hard to imagine that they will be ditching the series any time soon.

Thanks Polygon.

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