New Resident Evil 6 demo goes live today

Capcom gives another taster of Resident Evil 6 two weeks before its release

A second demo of Capcom's latest survival horror effort, Resident Evil 6 will be available to download from today.

The demo encapsulates more of RE6's new features with another sampling of the gameplay across the game's three main campaigns. In each snippet of the three campaigns the gameplay features shown off will depend on which character you play as in each of the campaigns.

Leon Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper find themselves battling through swathes of zombies on the campus of the Ivy University. Series freshman Jake and his partner Sherry Berkin have to navigate the streets of Lianshang at night fighting off the new enemies the J'avo along the way. Chris Redfield and his BSAA partner Piers Nivans use their unique weapon loadouts to great effect battling the J'avo on the streets of the war-ravaged Eastern European city of Edonia.

The demo is available to download from today on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store.

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