Win Borderlands 2 Loot Chest edition playing new online game Mount Jackmore

16 special editions of the game up for grabs

2K Games are running an online competition using a Borderlands 2-themed online game called Mount Jackmore.

Handsome Jack, the villain of the main storyline in Borderlands 2, has carved his face into the side of a mountain Mount Jackmore and Borderlands fans are encouraged to shoot this massive visage in order to get rid of it.

Players have 100 bullets to do as much damage as possible to the face in order to chip it away back to the bare rock. Prizes are given out at designated points during the game, players earn additional ammo every day and can even watch how their competitors are doing in real time.

Competing to damage Mount Jackmore across four rounds with the first starting today can earn prizes from Borderlands 2 pins and figurines to copies of the game. There is a special prize for the person that destroys the last piece of the face and there are also 16 Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest special editions up for grabs as well.

Mount Jackmore is available to play on the Borderlands 2 website. Borderlands 2 is out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from September the 21st.

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