Dismantling the 2DS reveals one big screen

Two become one...

A firm of modders, Rose Colored Gaming has posted some photographs of what the 2DS looks like on the inside and its twin screens are in fact just one big screen.

The 2DS has been released as a budget alternative to the 3DS for those that don't really want or care about the 3D visuals.

It appears the reduction in price has been achieved by building the machine out of one big screen which probably explains why it is a tablet design rather than a clamshell design. Dismantling the 2DS reveals one big screen

Rose Colored Gaming said on Facebook, "Well, the 2DS one or two LCD debate is over. It is indeed just ONE LCD under a bunch of plastic and metal shrouding."

The 2DS arrived last week alongside Pokemon X and Y and costs around 109 GBP.

Thanks Eurogamer.