New IP evolves out of Brothers In Arms Furious 4

New series to break free of the Brothers In Arms series

Gearbox's new Brothers In Arms game Furious 4 is to drop the associations with the Brothers In Arms series when it emerges from cover.

When the new game was announced it drew a lot of comparisons with Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds for its comic-book approach to violence which also raised a few question marks over the change in direction for the Brothers In Arms series.

Randy Pitchford, CEO at Gearbox has revealed that when they start talking about Furious 4 again it will be as a completely new IP with no mention of the Brothers In Arms series.

Pitchford explained, "Our Pokmon has evolved. It has different powers."

For now though, Gearbox is concentrating their full efforts on Borderlands 2 for now which will be released on September the 21st.

Thanks Kotaku.

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