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E3 2004: Doom 3 summer release affirmed

Clash of the titans on the cards?

Doom 3 looks set to engage in a titanic clash with Half-Life 2 this summer with publisher Activision affirming this morning that id's latest FPS is on course for a release within the same time-frame as Valve's long-awaited sequel. Not that either game couldn't be delayed further, of course.

This confirmation will come as music to Doom fans ears after the title was demonstrated on the Xbox at Microsoft's pre-show conference, and looked in remarkably fine fetter, unsurprisingly.

"Doom 3 is the most anticipated PC game of the year and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting its release," commented Acti CEO Ron Doonink. "id is delivering the most compelling horror gaming experience to date, so get ready for Doom."

"This summer we're sending game fans on a first-class trip to Mars - with a layover in Hell. Doom 3 is coming to the PC and delivering the most atmospheric, terrifying and visually mind-blowing gaming experience ever conceived," added Todd Hollenshead.

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