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David Cage was worried about nobody trying Heavy Rain

Cage concerned about the perception of Heavy Rain

The creative boss and co-founder of Quantic Dream, David Cage has been talking about his concerns over their last game Heavy Rain.

Cage wasn't worried about people who played the game, he was more concerned with those that wouldn't try Heavy Rain because of their perceptions of what the game is.

He began, "My biggest concern about Heavy Rain was not so much what people who played it thought, because the feedback has been consistently very positive about the game. It was much more about the people who didn't play Heavy Rain, what they thought of the game. Just the image they had of it."

The main problem for Cage was comparisons to Dragon's Lair. His repost to that is, "Wait a minute. There are less cutscenes in Heavy Rain than in many first-person shooters that I can see these days."

"It was not about watching," he continued. "You were in the shoes of the character. You were making the choices, and you were telling the story through your actions, and not through prompts, or whatever. ...some people just stay stuck outside the game, having an image, an idea of what it is that in my mind was wrong."

Thanks Gamasutra.

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