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Guild Wars 2 to release next week

Pre-purchasers can play from tomorrow

It's been a long time coming but players are beginning to get excited about Guild Wars 2 which will launch next week.

Guild Wars 2 will finally be released after five years of development building on the success and popularity the original Guild Wars and creating a dynamic world which responds naturally to players actions.

ArenaNet has gone out of their way during the last five years to create an MMO that will allow players to craft their own stories and engage in PvP and indeed World vs World battles using a new action-oriented combat system.

President and co-founder of ArenaNet, Mike O'Brien explained, "Five years ago we set out to develop a game that finally fulfilled the promise of online worlds. We questioned everything that had previously been taken for granted and we never settled for 'good enough'. Now, we're finally ready to introduce Guild Wars 2 to gamers who are looking for the next evolution in online gaming."

He continued, "Guild Wars 2 is launching at a time when players are looking for something different in an MMO: a game that offers them an innovative and unique experience without a monthly subscription. Guild Wars 2 is that game, and we believe it will fundamentally change the way people think about online RPGs."

Guild Wars 2 will be released on PC on August the 28th with anyone who pre-purchased the game through the Headstart programme getting to play from the 25th.

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