Borderlands gets a 16 bit free-to-play browser game

Retro browser game arrives to celebrate the upcoming launch of Borderlands 2

2K Games has put together a retro-styled browser version for Borderlands to celebrate the launch of Borderlands 2 next month.

The Border Lands is a browser-based 1980's-styled 16 bit game based on the Borderlands series and as 2K explains, "It may not have 87 bazillion guns, or dynamic online co-op but it does fit on five floppy disks!"

Borderlands 2 itself will offer a much more engrossing experience expanding on the exceptionally popular gun-filled gameplay of the first game with more guns, more varied environments, new characters, even more guns and unique weapons and enemies.

The game will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on September the 18th in North America and Europe on September the 21st.

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