Final Fantasy producer wants to see Europe and America developer their own styles of games

Kitase sees little to distinguish European games from American games

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy has stated that he believes that Western games don't seem to vary regionally and he would like to see Europe and America develop their own styles.

Using cinema as a comparison Kitase-san began, “Recently I get a lot of questions that treat the term “J-RPG” in both positive and negative lights. Whether the term is used for better or worse, I feel that the fact that it recognises these games as being distinctly “Japanese” can only be a good thing. I often hear the term “Western style” being used as a comparison or counterpoint to “Japanese style” but am fascinated by this comparison and would really like to ask if there is a distinct “British style” or “European style” or not?”

“For example, in the world of cinema there is the Hollywood film and then as a comparison there is say British or French cinema that clearly have different personalities and unique characteristics to them. If we look at music then British rock and American rock are also quite different,” he went on. “It is the same for sports… for example in say, motorsport the flavour of Indy car rallies is very different to F1 circuit racing. So basically for all other fields of culture, art and sport etc., even if they use that “Western” term to lump everything together, it is still understood that the character of North American works and European ones are distinct. Even Japanese people get that when we look at it.” Final Fantasy producer wants to see Europe and America developer their own styles of games

“I personally think that for the games industry to spread and prosper as a form of art or culture then it needs to place value on diversity across different local regions,” he explained. “In that spirit I want to continue bringing out the unique flavour in our Japanese style of games.”

He issued an invitation to prove him wrong adding, “I would really like to hear from Europeans the name of the one game title that they feel really represents European games and is strongly rooted in their culture and am intrigued as to what that game would be. Please, I really want to know! Incidentally, the game that I personally felt was the most “European” in character out of all those I have played was Alone in the Dark, released by Infogram 20 years ago.”

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