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Disney launch Toontown Online

New kiddie-friendly MMORPG bounces into view

The first family-friendly kids-orientated persistent online world will be launched by Disney Interactive on May 24th, with the arrival of the 3D massively-multiplayer Toontown Online. In the game, players will be represented by custom-designed toon avatars, and will battle to save Toontown from the evil 'Cogs', which were unwittingly unleashed by Scrooge McDuck and are planning to turn Toontown into a grey lifeless metropolis.

Players can take on the Cogs alone or in groups and the following areas will be available to explore: Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Minnie's Melodyland, Daisy Gardens, Dreamland, and The Brrrgh. Cogs will battle with a variety of 'fearsome' weapons, including tying Toons up in Red Tape, arranging boring meetings for them, or clipping on fake ties.

UK subscriptions start from £6.99 per month and we're told that Toontown Online has already met with rave reviews stateside praising its non-violent fun. Given that the target audience is children, security will also be a priority, with the option available to lock instant messaging, and filter out bad language.

More on this new and unusual debutant as we get it.

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