The games industry suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome says David Cage

And it needs to grow up

Quantic Dream's co-founder and creative head David Cage has said that it's time for the games industry to grow up.

Cage has joined Warren Spector and Jade Raymond in suggesting that the games industry is still far to focused on guts and guns and it's time that it adopted a more mature attitude.

The Heavy Rain creator said, "I think we should have more courage in our industry and take more risks, because I think this is what the industry needs now. I mean, how many first person shooters can you make? How many monsters/aliens/zombies can you kill in games? There's a moment where we need to grow up."

"I often think that the industry suffers of the Peter Pan syndrome," he continued. "It's the fact that we don't want to grow up, so we stay kids. But there is a moment where you need to grow up as an industry. And you cannot keep up with the Peter Pan syndrome. You need to grow. And I think this is the right time."

Quantic Dream's next game Beyond: Two Souls which follows the story of a girl (played by Juno's Ellen Page) who can see into the spirit realm will be released some time next year on PlayStation 3.

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