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EA denies feud with Valve

It's a terms and conditions thing

EA's chief operative officer Peter Moore has refuted the idea that there is any kind of feud between Valve and EA.

The two companies have always had a fairly cordial relationship with EA publishing Portal 2 but they recently fell out over the terms and conditions on Steam seeing several key EA games removed from Steam including Dragon Age II and Crysis II.

Moore said, "There's no feud. Remember, we're the guys who published Left 4 Dead and Portal 2. It's Valve. Gabe's [Newell] a great friend of EA's. We're a great friend of his, we like to think."

"They have different terms and conditions that they put on their games that don't meet what we would like to do with our gamers," he continued. "They insist on being a layer between the game developer and publisher and the consumer. They take a piece of the revenue stream. And they don't allow us to go directly to the consumer to do patches and updates. So we just agree to disagree. It's not a feud. They have their terms and conditions. We do. They don't meet."

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