The industry has taken its foot off the triple-A gas says CCP

Big publishers moving resources to mobile, social and free-to-play at the expense of the core

CCP's David Reid has been taking about industry trends and has observed the big guys are beginning to step back from triple-A development.

With the emergence of social and casual gaming and the free-to-play market Reid believes that there has been a shift towards exploring these avenues and away from ambitious triple-A development.

"A lot of gamers in particular, and those of us who work in independent development, we're still gamers as well, and we see what's happened in the industry the past few years of almost a retreat from big ambitious games," said Reid. "I'm not saying there aren't good games out there but you can really see how the traditional titans of the industry have maybe taken their foot off the gas from great core gaming experiences in favour of social, casual genres and platforms and monetisation models."

He continued, "And in the midst of all that, we've embraced a lot of changes as they've come but we've never deviated for a moment from building these breakthrough experiences and I think people really like that."

CCP are currently beta testing their extremely ambitious PS3-exclusive, free-to-play, multiplayer FPS Dust 514 with an eye to launching it fully by the end of the year.

Thanks Develop Online.

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