Valve launching a beta for the Steam Community Update

50,000 beginning to try out the new community features

Valve has announced a closed beta test phase for the host of new updates that they are bringing to the Steam Community.

The new update will feature Game Hubs to collect game-specific discussion areas and other community content together for all Steam's most popular games. It also allows Group Updates which will make it easier to see who is playing what in player-created groups.

There are also My Content Updates a way to keep track of all content you've created all collected together in one place including and image wall layout allowing the showcasing of your best content. The final major addition will be the Friends Activity which is a new feed which will allow you to view, rate and comment on their activities even with the ability to start a conversation directly from the feed.

The beta begins now with 50,000 users and will grow step by step until the new update goes fully live.

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