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Sony to open up their platform to more free-to-play

Sony hoping to build on the Dust 514 and the SOE titles on PS3 and beyond

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has been talking about the possibilities for the future for their gaming platforms.

Free-to-play is forming more and more of a part of Sony's strategy for the future but it is something that they watching very carefully.

Yoshida said, "...there are free-to-play games already available on console, and the reaction has been pretty good. But when people think of free-to-play they think of social games... and there are certain mechanics in social games that are a bit concerning, personally - they kind of play psychological tricks on people. That's something that we will be watching carefully, because it's not like there are an infinite number of consumers that we can take from. We always consider the long-term trust relationship with our consumers. But in general, I still think free-to-play can offer a new kind of content and services to consumers that the traditional model can't duplicate. I think it's additive to our offering."

When asked if they were planning to open up their platform to expand their free-to-play Yoshida explained, "The short answer is yes. We will learn as we go about what people find attractive and exciting, and we can use that feedback in our future plans. Without trying we won't learn."


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