Dead Space 3 gets a set release date

And some nice pre-order bonuses as well

EA has given a release date for Dead Space 3 as well as revealing a limited edition of the game available for those that pre-order.

Dead Space 3 is the first game in the series to venture onto the surface of a planet, the mysterious Tau Volantis. That's not the only innovation though. This time out Isaac Clarke gets a co-op companion in the shape of the merciless accomplice John Carver.

Playing the game in the new drop-in/drop-out co-op mode will open up new mechanics when playing as John Carver, side missions and even additional story details not available when playing solo.

The limited edition of the game will feature two additional packs of content each adding a new suit and weapon with unique capabilities. The First Contact pack adds the First Contact suit golden armour designed specially for combat in extended periods in space and the Negotiator weapon which is powerful Tesla beam weapon with a bottom-mounted linegun for some added punch.

The Witness The Truth pack adds the Witness suit which is a suit designed by science teams for recovering artefacts from the depths of the ice of Tau Volantis and the Evangeliser weapon, a custom weapon that combines an upgraded AL-2g assault rifle with the potent underslung Emerson 2100 shotgun.

Dead Space 3 will see release on February the 8th on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

E3 Trailer