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Dust 514 Precursor update brings the first live EVE Online integration

EVE integration leads the new features brought with the Precursor update

CCP has revealed details of the Precursor update that they're bringing to Dust 514 this month.

Precursor brings the first live integration between Dust 514 and EVE Online by moving the action to the EVE Online test server, Singularity allowing PS3 gamers to communicate with PC and Mac gamers. It also adds the Orbital Strike Framework allowing squad leaders to call in strikes from a War Barge in orbit.

The update also introduces Instant Battle Matchmaking, new environments and keyboard and mouse implementation allowing players the choice of playing with a USB keyboard and mouse as well as with DualShock 3 or PlayStation Move controllers.

As with most updates it also brings with it a host of improvements and bug fixes sharpening up the game experience. Precursor is due to hit the Dust 514 beta on August the 21st.

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