Former Battlefield 3 design lead joins Starbreeze

Goldfarb goes to Starbreeze's new Stockholm studio

David Goldfarb the former lead designer on Battlefield 3 has revealed that he is joining the Chronicles Of Riddick studio Starbreeze.

Goldfarb left DICE last month and will join Starbreeze's new Stockholm studio which has been opened after their purchase of Payday developer Overkill.

He said, "I've worked on these huge games, and that was great, but I really wanted to work on smaller, tighter, and more intimate projects that are more gameplay driven, and I saw the opportunity to do that here. I talked to a lot of places but I felt the best fit for me was Starbreeze and Overkill because they have a really interesting history and a lot of games I really like."

"There were a lot of different reasons," Goldfarb went on to explain. "As I said when I tweeted a while ago, it was just time to move on. I feel very fortunate to have worked at the studio with those guys and a lot of amazing people, and I'm very proud of the work that we did. For me it felt like Id been there for five years, I'd worked on four games and sometimes you just feel like you want to do something else. Making big projects is really exhausting and for me, I felt like I needed a change of venue and I really wanted to work on something that I personally felt I was interested in, which apparently is crime. I just wanted to get closer to things that I love and this was a great match for me."

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