Bungie founder criticises porting of twin-stick shooters to touch platforms

Seropian calls the idea of analogue shooter ports to mobile "brain dead"

Alex Seropian, founder of Bungie, has been giving his thoughts on the practice of porting twin-stick shooters to touchscreen controlled platforms.

Seropian pointed out that porting games like Geometry Wars to touchscreens is lazy and generally a bad idea because it ignores the potential of touchscreen controls to help redefine the shooter genre.

He began, "The transfer of the whole dual sticks thing just amazes me, that anyone would think that's a good idea. To make a good shooter you have feel like you have a lot of control, you need enough bandwidth in the skill curve so that you feel you can get good at it, that you can master it."

"The traditional shooter on the PC," he continued, "where you have a mouse and you can touch any pixel and shoot it - it's all about that. Having a joystick where you have to push the cursor towards that pixel is so much more of a challenge. So much work and research went into making sticks feel good for a shooter that to reinterpret that on a device where you can touch any pixel is just brain dead, I don't get that."

Seropian explained of his studio, Industrial Toys, were planning to approach touchscreen shooters differently, "Our ambition is to reinvent what a shooter is, with touch as the starting point. Some of that methodology trickles down to putting the controls in the game-space, not on the screen space so when you want to interact with the character in the game - to shoot or take cover or snipe - that's all through interacting with things in the environment rather than through controls."


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