No Crysis 3 for the Wii U

At least not for now

Crytek has been addressing any speculation that Crysis 3 may be appearing on the Wii U.

There had been suggestions that the CryEngine 3 works very well on Nintendo's new home console and Crysis 3's producer Mike Read has suggested that Crytek and Nintendo were working together to explore the possibility of the game appearing on the Wii U.

Crytek general manager Nick Button-Brown explained on Twitter, "Just to answer the speculation, we are not currently working on a wiiU version of #Crysis3."

Not to say that Crysis 3 will never reach the Wii U. It's just that it will definitely not be released alongside the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game when it arrives next February.

Thanks MCV.

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