id holds all mobile development to focus all efforts on DOOM 4

Bethesda pushing id to "swing for the fences"

At this year's QuakeCon id Software has revealed a bit of a bad news/good news situation.

The bad news is that they have decided to postpone all their development on mobile platforms. The good news however is that it is to focus all their efforts of getting DOOM 4 finished off.

Co-founder of the studio that defined the FPS genre, John Carmack explained, I love doing the mobile work - taking that time, spending a month, a year or something working on a mobile project. It was looked at as something that, yes, this is fun, this is fun for the company and it's entertaining and it makes money, but it's not a grand slam sort of thing on there. The Bethesda family really is about swinging for the fences."

"I hope we get back to mobile in various ways in the future, but the big real aim is blockbuster, AAA titles, and for id that means DOOM 4, it means that we get the whole company behind that after we get DOOM 3: BFG Edition out the door. Essentially, everybody will be focused on DOOM 4 as a project."

DOOM 3 BFG Editon will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October the 16th in the US and October 19th in Europe.

Thanks Polygon.

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