EA reveals the new Frostbite 2-powered Army Of Two

No mention of Salem and Rios though...

EA has announced a brand new game in the Army Of Two series being put together by Dead Space studio Visceral Games.

Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel takes the series and gives it a more mature and gritty tone than ever before. Set in Mexico, two members of the TWO PMC operatives called Alpha and Bravo are dropped into a vicious drug war in the heart of Central America.

Executive producer on the game Julian Beak said, "We wanted to refresh the Army of TWO franchise for a new generation of action gamers, and at the same time, stay true to the core concept that really made the first two games fan favorites. With meaningful, seamless co-op gameplay at its core and explosive new tag-team features, gamers will have to work together tactically and strategically as they push through a city dominated by one of Mexicos deadliest drug cartels."

Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel is set to be released in March of next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

E3 Trailer