Far Cry 3 will confront violence head on

Ignoring violence will undermine the story says Ubisoft's Mark Thompson

Ubisoft's Mark Thompson has been talking about the issues surrounding the storyline in Far Cry 3.

Thompson acknowledges the storyline is very violent but shrugging it off and even ignoring violence in games can undermine the stories that they tell.

He explained, "One mistake that games can make is to simply not acknowledge the violence and pretend like it isnt important. That their protagonist is nonchalantly killing a ton of people. If you ignore what your core mechanics are asking players to do, if you pretend like players arent being rewarded for killing, then it will undermine the narrative."

"If the characters in the game don't react to the violence performed by the player; then you create a plot hole, one specific to the interactive nature of games," Thompson continued. "We addressed this head on and wrote a story that was about the core mechanic, about killing."

Far Cry 3 will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this coming December.

Thanks VG247.

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