Kojima made sure Lords Of Shadow was a Castlevania game

Konami not sold on Mercury Steam's concept until Hideo Kojima stepped in

Mercury Steam has revealed that Hideo Kojima was instrumental in ensuring that Lords Of Shadow was a Castlevania title.

Dave Cox, the game's producer at the Spanish studio, explained that there was a point where Konami believed that Lords Of Shadow was far too radical to be a Castlevania title but the Metal Gear Solid creator fought their corner and had the title's status as a Castlevania game reinstated.

"[MercurySteam] did a prototype demo, the Simon Belmont thing. We went to America to pitch it. We were originally told we could do Castlevania, and then when we pitched it, we were told we had to do something else instead. So it launched at Gamescom as just Lords Of Shadow. We developed it under the codename of Light And Shadow," Cox began.

"I went to Japan later that year with a video of the game, and the senior managers and people of Konami were there, and Kojima-san was at that meeting," he continued. "I showed the game, and he just basically stood up at that point and said, 'This is awesome, why isn't this Castlevania?' Everyone just looked sort of sheepish and then after that he said, 'I want to help you guys'. And then it became Castlevania again."

Thanks Edge Online.

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