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Autumn sees Star Wars: The Old Republic go free-to-play

BioWare's MMO getting a free-to-play option very soon

Star Wars: The Old Republic will become the quickest subscription MMO to adopt a free to play model when the free-to-play options kick in this autumn.

The free-to-play version will allow players to level any character class up to level 50 with a few restrictions on content and other game features. These options can be opened up using the new currency Cartel Coins which can be used to unlock new features and in-game items.

Anyone who wants unrestricted access to the game's content can continue to pay a subscription of 14.99 USD every month with no need to worry about the Cartel Coins.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's subscriptions have dropped to below one million from the 1.3 million it saw at launch. EA and BioWare will be hoping that Star Wars: The Old Republic will see a similar reverse in fortunes to those seen by DC Universe Online when it went free-to-play last year.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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