Rockstar reveals DLC release schedule for Max Payne 3 including a free pack

Max Payne 3 to get four more packs of DLC

Rockstar has revealed when they will be releasing all of the remaining downloadable content bundles for Max Payne 3.

There are four packs of multiplayer content due to be released for Max Payne 3 over the next three months including one free bundle of content.

The Disorganized Crime Pack is free and adds the new Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map, a few modifiers for the Score Attack Arcade mode including explosive rounds, Lonewolf AI making enemies tougher and Headshots Only meaning enemies can only be killed by a bullet to the head.

The Hostage Negotiaton map pack is due in September and October will see the release of the Painful Memories map pack and the Deathmatch Made In Heaven map pack. Each of these three packs will cost 800 MS Points or 7.29 GBP on PSN and PC.

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