Rumour: Stalker series acquired by Bethesda

Could the Stalker series have found the perfect new home?

There may be some hope of the Stalker series living on after the demise of its Ukranian developer GSC Gameworld.

Someone named only as a very reliable source has said that Bethesda has managed to pick up the license for the critically acclaimed atmospheric open world shooter series after the studio folded due to financial problems.

It was believed to be working on Stalker 2 at the time and it is unknown how far they got or if the work they had already done has been acquired by the Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer.

As for the GSC Gameworld staff, they reformed as Vostok Games and are working on a free-to-play multiplayer shooter called Suvarium billed as a spiritual successor to the Stalker series which is due out some time next year.

Thanks Develop Online.

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