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Ubisoft fills the UPlay security holes

Browser plug-in security issues to be patched immediately

Ubisoft has responded very rapidly to the security breaches in their digital rights management system for PC discovered by a Google security engineer on his holidays.

It had appeared that the game installer added a UPlay plug-in to the PC browser as part of the game installation which opened up a very wide back door of access to the host PC.

In response to the discovery they stated, "We have made a forced patch to correct the flaw in the browser plug-in for the uPlay PC application that was brought to our attention earlier today. We recommend that all uPlay users update their uPlay PC application without a Web browser open. This will allow the plug-in to update correctly. An updated version of the uPlay PC installer with the patch also is available from uPlay.com."

The French publisher/developer also promised that it "takes security issues very seriously, and we will continue to monitor all reports of vulnerabilities within our software and take swift action to resolve such issues."

Thanks GamesIndustry.biz.

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